Some Things You Need To Know About A Short-Term Rehab Center

Many people have to go to short-term rehab and wonder what it will entail. If your doctor has recommended that you stay in a short-term rehab center, you might be wondering what to expect. Here are some things that you should know.

Why Go To Short-Term Rehab?

There are many reasons that people need to go to short-term rehab. Some of the most common reasons are that the person had an accident, injury, or surgery. For instance, if you had a stroke and are learning to walk and talk again, short-term rehab may be the best thing for you. You can go after a joint replacement surgery or even a car accident while you are healing.

The thing about short-term rehab is that it keeps you safe after you are discharged from the hospital but not yet ready to go home on your own. For instance, you will probably only be in the hospital for a couple days, but you are not even close to having full use of your body or caring for yourself. This is where short-term rehab becomes so helpful. There are skilled therapists and nurses who can help you get the treatment that you need.

Can I Do Outpatient Therapy?

Many people wonder if they can do outpatient therapy rather than in an inpatient therapy. That all depends on the type of care you need and how much help you have at home. If you live with family or someone who can give you around-the-clock care, you might be able to do outpatient therapy. However, in the early stages, you might need hours of therapy a day. So rather than have therapists in and out of your house the entire day, it may be easier to stay in a facility and get treatment around the clock so that you can progress and heal faster. Although you may not want to stay in a facility, it will speed up your recovery and get you back to normal faster.

How Long Will I Be At A Facility?

The time you are at the facility depends on your injury and your work. It is important to know that the goal of a short-term rehab center is to get you discharged. They don't want people there long term. Thus, they will do everything you can to get you out within a couple weeks to a couple months.

By understanding these things, you can know if a short-term rehab center is right for you. You can click here for more info about this topic.

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