Get Used To Residing In An Assisted Living Facility

Arthritis can make it difficult for you to walk or move your arms without being bombarded by pain. Even though you may enjoy your independence, you do not have to give it up altogether if you choose to move to an assisted living facility. At a facility, aides will help you perform routine duties, and you will have the opportunity to explore the premises, participate in group activities, and make lifelong friendships with other residents. 

Use A Motorized Scooter Or Wheelchair

If you plan on touring an assisted living community, use your motorized scooter or wheelchair to help you move around the property and facility's interior. During your tour, you will meet the director of the facility, workers who assist with food preparations and help with daily activities, and aides who are responsible for helping residents with personal grooming, mobility, and administering medication.

During your initial meeting, observe the residents as they complete their daily routines and ask questions pertaining to the living quarters that you will be provided with, daily activities, and meals that are served to the residents. 

Sign Up For Activities

After moving into an assisted living facility, do not isolate yourself from others or feel as if you are going to be merely existing and not enjoying yourself any longer. An assisted living facility offers a variety of activities for the residents to participate in. Outings to stores or a park, singing, drawing, painting, and movies are some of the activities that may be offered at the facility.

Ask the director for a listing of the activities so that you can look through them and determine which ones you would like to sign up for. Try new activities regularly to keep yourself occupied and to empower your mind. 

Form Bonds With Others

During each activity that you participate in, you will have the opportunity to form friendships with some of the other residents. As you grow accustomed to participating in daily activities, you may feel more at ease and eager to introduce yourself to others.

If you participate in several activities and continue to see the same people during each session, you may be inclined to speak to these people and tell them a little bit about yourself. As your friendships grow, you and the others can share stories from the past and discuss current events or things that you are dealing with in your life. 

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