Bring Holiday Cheer To The Residents Of An Assisted Living Facility

Brighten up the lives of the elderly in your community and share holiday cheer by donating your time to demonstrate how to make simple holiday crafts. The crafts can be used to adorn the living quarters, or given to cherished members of their families.

Outline Your Craft Idea And Contact The Director

The complexity of the project should be dependent upon the collective dexterity and vision of the residents. Come up with a few ideas that are relatively simple to execute before calling the director of an assisted living facility.

By having a few options, you will be likely to have at least one suitable project that the director believes that the residents will be able to complete and enjoy taking part in. Holiday wreaths, ornaments, faux candy canes, and stockings are some classic holiday items that can be added to your project list.

When speaking to the director, introduce yourself and state some brief information about yourself. Declare that you would like to bring some joy to the elderly and think that demonstrating how to make basic holiday crafts will be beneficial to each participant. 

Provide Snacks And Beverages That Can Be Enjoyed During Your Demonstration

Warm cocoa, cider, donuts, pastries, and candy are some treats that may help the residents get into the holiday mood. Before preparing items for everyone, seek approval, because many of the residents could be following strict dietary guidelines.

If some of the individuals are restricted from consuming sugar, for example, choose products that are sugar-free and that contain a sweetening substitute. If you have a friend who is willing to lend a hand on the day of your visit, ask them to transport either the craft supplies or the snacks and beverages.

Monitor And Assist The Participants

Set up your supplies inside of the facility's recreation room. Move a few tables next to the one where you will be sitting. After the residents filter into the room and sit down, greet everyone as a whole. Tell everyone that you have stopped by to demonstrate how to make some basic holiday decorations and that after you explain the steps, you will monitor everyone and help them out if they have difficulty with any of the steps.

After the projects have been constructed, encourage the residents to display their creations in their rooms or decide upon some loved ones to give the items to this holiday season. 

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