Understanding Safety Needs For A Memory Care Facility

People who need memory care have specific needs in order to remain safe. Many people with a memory issue will tend to wander, while others struggle with daily tasks. People in all stages of memory loss need to feel secure in their environment, and the set up of the facility may feel controlling to you. It's useful to understand that alarms or locked doors are for the safety of the residents being cared for, and they should be viewed this way. It can be hard to take care of a number of people who all have memory impairments, and the tools used by staff help make the whole situation safer for those involved.

Chair Alarms and Your Loved One

If your loved one is not safe on their feet, there can come a time when they no longer realize this fact. While in the early stages of memory loss they may refrain from getting up to walk without a walker, further along, they may forget and try to walk on their own. Chair alarms are a way to alert staff that a person who is a fall risk is standing up and should not be left alone. This can be intrusive, but it is a way to help prevent falls and keep your loved one safe.

Locked Units and Memory Care

Wandering among those who need memory care is common. While a locked door may not seem fair to your loved one, it is much safer than having your loved one heading outside for a walk. While the staff at the facility are going to work hard to keep your loved one safe, it's not practical to have a group of people with memory deficits in an unsecured area. This prevents people from walking away unsupervised but also protects your loved one from any unwanted visitors.

When Beds are Alarmed

There may come a time when your loved one has a bed alarm, or the bed is made closer to the floor to prevent serious falls. Bed alarms are designed to go off when it is clear that the person is out of bed. An alarm will alert staff that the person needs help, especially when they can't call for help on their own.

The safety needs in a memory care facility can be great. To keep your loved one free from injuries, a chair or bed alarm may be necessary. Your loved one needs the protection offered by a memory care unit to avoid getting hurt. Contact a company like Siskiyou Springs Senior Living in order to learn more.

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