When Living Alone Isn't Working: Senior Care Services In Assisted Living

As seniors try to age in place, it's hard to remain safe living at home alone. Even with care providers coming into the home to take care of basic household chores, the idea of living home alone can be overwhelming to many seniors. When a senior does not need the care that a nursing home provides, the alternative to living at home alone is an assisted living facility. In such a living situation, seniors get the support they need to live a healthy, active life, without having to worry about basic chores in the home. There is always someone to call in case of an emergency, and socialization improves because of a full activity schedule.

Assisted Living Promotes Independence

Living in a senior care assisted living facility certainly has benefits. Residents get meals prepared three times a day, and laundry gets taken care of. In addition, care providers check on residents on a regular schedule and make sure they are safe. With the basic chores of daily living taken care of, residents are expected to manage their own personal care needs. While a resident might get a little help after an injury, the goal is for residents to maintain independence as much as possible.

Activity Schedules and Assisted Living

Many seniors find the activity schedule at an assisted living facility enjoyable. The activity team may offer trips to nearby shopping, to restaurants, or game nights at the facility. As a resident, you may be able to participate in something you have always wanted to try. The goal is to meet the needs of everyone living in the facility, so programming looks to have a diverse activity schedule whenever possible.

Resident Councils at Assisted Living

You may be able to take part in a resident council that helps improve communication between the facility and the residents who live there. The council may be concerned about getting better meals, or have a concern about a limited activity schedule. Residents are encouraged to share any hopes they have for the facility as well as discuss any concerns that have developed. Residents have a say in what happens in their living environment, and the resident council is taken seriously by administration.

When living alone is no longer enjoyable, it's time of ind a different solution. Assisted living gives you a chance to live among peers, and to have your basic chore needs taken care of for you.

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