Signs An Elderly Person With Dementia Should Move Into An Assisted Living Facility

With age comes wisdom, but as a person ages and becomes elderly, it is not uncommon for dementia to develop. Some elderly people may have mild dementia, while others may have a more advanced form. When a person has dementia, it may no longer be safe for him or her to live alone in their home. In this type of situation, the best solution may be for your loved on to move into an assisted living facility where he or she can get the help and around-the-clock supervision and care that he or she needs. Some common signs that it is time for an elderly loved one with dementia to transition to an assisted living facility include the following:


As dementia advances, a person may no longer have a strong grasp on important details, such as a daily routine or where he or she lives. When this happens, a person may begin leaving their home at random times and wander away. In this type of situation, a person with dementia may not know how to get home and may not be able to remember his or her address if someone tries to help. Wandering can be very dangerous for an elderly person, especially during extreme weather, such as a heatwave or a snowstorm. Once an elderly person begins wandering, an assisted living facility is the safest place to live.

Inability to Care for One's Self

Many elderly people want to maintain a sense of independence, and living in their own home is part of that. But as dementia progresses, a person may no longer be able to take care of themself on their own. For example, dementia can cause a person to forget to eat or shower regularly. It is also possible for a person with dementia to begin using the stove or oven and then forget to turn them off, which is a fire hazard. If you notice that your loved one is no longer able to take care of themself, it is a good idea to look for an assisted living facility.

Caregiver Burnout

Many people do their very best to help care for their elderly loved ones as they age. However, when a person develops dementia, it can make taking care of them much more difficult. In addition, people with dementia can also become aggressive and hard to reason with. If you are burned out from caring for an elderly loved one with dementia, transitioning him or her to an assisted living facility is best for everyone. 

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