Memory Care Solutions For Alzheimers Patients

Adult children and spouses often become the primary caregiver for their loved ones after an injury or memory decline. Always keeping an eye on them may feel impossible without additional help and support. Bringing in a hired caregiver may not totally solve the problem of your loved one needing constant monitoring and potential agitation prevention. Many seniors can physically take care of themselves but have memory issues that can quickly escalate to being a safety issue. They may find themselves in unknown places or not be able to remember who they are. Driving and taking public transportation can lead to them becoming lost. Changing living arrangements is often the only way to preserve their safety and health. Here are a few ways that assisted living can provide support for Alzheimer's care. 


Unlike traditional care at assisted living facilities, centers exclusively for memory care offer more options for its residents. Family members can be assured that their loved one is safe within the assisted living facility. Each resident is always closely monitored to keep them within the facility's approved areas. Visiting the assisted living facility is a great way to see firsthand how the staff interacts with the residents and how their security team keeps residents safe. Speak with the facility to discuss different ways to pay for the level of care needed. 

Health Needs

The health of each resident is closely monitored throughout the day. Assistance is provided with medications and monitoring of chronic conditions. Daily schedules revolve around scheduled activities that improve cognitive skills. Residents are provided with supplies and space to work on their hobbies and regularly attend events. Art activities, listening to music, dancing, and games designed to strengthen the brain are scheduled on a regular basis. These activities are often in a secure area dedicated to memory care residents. Going to other areas within the facility is done with caretakers who provide support to ensure they do not get lost. The center may have salons, allow pets, and provide transportation as needed. Gyms and safe walking areas give an avenue to maintain personal fitness. 

Residents are given access to areas of the facility where they do not pose a danger to themselves or others. Assistance is given to ensure personal care, bathing, laundry, and full meal service. Ask the facility about their memory care treatment plan that they are currently using. Use these tips when supporting a loved one with Alzheimer's with memory care services. Contact an Alzheimer's care center for more information. 

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