Senior Home Care Services For Post-ORIF Patients

If your senior loved one has sustained an injury that resulted in broken bones, then an ORIF surgical procedure may be necessary. Also known as an open reduction internal fixation surgery, the ORIF is performed to repair broken bones with special screws and other types of metal hardware. It is done when other less-invasive options such as splinting or casting are deemed ineffective. Complete recovery from an ORIF procedure can take up to a year, and because of this, aging adults who live alone may need help at home while they are recuperating. Here are some services the senior home care provider can offer your elderly loved one while they heal from their surgery.

Surgical Incision Management

The ORIF patient will be discharged from the hospital or nursing home with a surgical incision, which will need daily care to make sure that it heals properly. The senior home care provider will provide wound care per the surgeon's instructions and will monitor the site for signs of infection. If signs of infection such as increased redness, drainage, increased pain, excessive bleeding, or fever occur, the senior home care services provider will notify the physician for further instructions.

The doctor may recommend oral antibiotics or request that the patient be seen in the office. The in-home caregiver can also pick up the patient's prescription and drive them to the doctor's office as warranted. By cleansing the surgical site and changing the dressing per the physician's recommendations, your loved one is less likely to develop a post-operative infection. 

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is essential for proper healing after an open reduction internal fixation procedure. If the aging adult is unable to participate in an outpatient physical therapy or rehabilitation program, the senior home care provider can assist the individual with physical therapy exercises in their home.

The caregiver will assist the individual with therapeutic exercises such as stair climbing, getting in and out of the chair, transferring from the wheelchair to the toilet, and range-of-motion exercises. These physical therapy exercises will help speed healing, promote circulation, strengthen the muscles, and lower the risk for falls.

If your elderly loved one requires assistance while recovering from an open reduction oral fixation surgical procedure, contact a senior home care services agency. When aging adults have knowledgeable and compassionate healthcare providers to assist them in their homes after ORIF surgery, they may be more likely to enjoy a faster and complication-free recovery.

For more information, contact a local care provider, like Specialty Home Care.

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