Family Engagement at an Assisted Living Facility

When an elderly individual moves into a senior living community and doesn't stay in close contact with their relatives, they may begin to feel isolated and depressed. A healthy transition for your loved one should involve close contact with him or her. Find out what types of programs or services are offered that will support close family ties.


Visiting your loved one in person is the most obvious way to maintain a close connection with your relative. Visits may be conducted at various times of the day. If your relative will be living in a building where multiple residents reside, late-night visits will likely not be permissible. Talk to the program director of the living community and acquire a schedule of times that you and your other family members can visit.

Additionally, find out where you can spend time with your loved one. If you would like to take them out of their room, an outdoor set of picnic tables or another seating area that is onsite could supply you with a suitable area to enjoy lunch with your family member.

Group Activities

Group activities that are geared toward the residents of a community and their extended family members are offered at an assisted living facility. During a scheduled activity, you can learn how your loved one's day-to-day life is, plus get a glimpse of how they interact with others. Since all of the residents of an assisted living community may be invited to partake in a special activity, there will be ample opportunities to get to know the people who your relative spends time with each day.

Potluck dinners, bingo, dancing, and live performances may be offered at the facility that your relative stays at. When your family member first becomes a resident of an assisted living community, acquire a calendar of events that will take place on the grounds.

Family Services

Your family member's caseworker will meet with your loved one regularly. They will find out how they are adjusting to their new living arrangement. They may also provide some services that are designed to get you and other family members involved. Many senior living communities have a library or another common room where the Internet can be accessed. If computers are available for use, your relative can have video chats with you or send emails. Your family member may also have access to a phone, which will allow them to contact you as needed.

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